Buffer tanks

Cooling a large commercial building is no easy task. Traditional air conditioning units are often ineffective at cooling large spaces and multiple floors. This often results in lost energy and uneven temperatures throughout the building.

In some cases, maintaining cool temperatures is not just a matter of comfort for the occupants — hot temperatures could affect the performance of important equipment as well. For example, data centres require a dedicated cooling system to ensure their continued performance. Overheating can result in slow operations, and in the worst-case scenario, fry its processor.

The use of a chilled water system is an effective way to keep a building cool while keeping the energy costs down.

How a Chilled Water System Works

A chilled water system uses cold water to capture heat from the air. A chiller cools the water to temperatures between 4° C to 7° C, then travels to a device called an air-handling unit, which circulates the air in the building. The chilled water captures the heat and then sends it back to the system to cool again.

In data centres, there are additional devices to facilitate the heat exchange, mainly computer room air conditioners that cool the servers directly.

Chilled water systems are common in commercial and industrial buildings as their cooling requirements are very different from smaller residences. Chillers can range in size from five tonnes to several hundred tonnes depending on the size of the building.

Additional Buffer Capacity

There are times when the heat inside a building exceeds the capacity of the chilled water system. This could lead to excessive compressor cycling and poor temperature control. In other words, there is not enough chilled water to cool the building effectively.

This is where a buffer tank comes in — instead of changing the whole system, you can add buffer vessels to increase its volume capacity. Our Aquazone Buffer Tanks are ideal for the job. Hardwearing and durable, they are designed to AS1210 Unfired Pressure Vessels, Hazard level E. By adding a buffer tank, you can maintain your current system and save money.

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