Centrifugal pumps perform extensively day in, day out. To maximise their lifespan, it is strongly advised that centrifugal pumps operate near their best efficiency point (BEP).

Centrifugal pumps can also function at certain points beyond their BEP. This is usually done when certain operations demand a specific flow rate. To avoid untimely malfunction, it is important to understand the limitations of the pump's minimum and maximum flow rates.

Looking at Flow and Efficiency Rates

A centrifugal pump's best efficiency point (BEP) is the greatest amount of water that flows with the least possible amount of energy.  The BEP for a centrifugal pump is found at the highest point of the efficiency curve. To plot a pump's BEP, look at the pump curve, which shows the corresponding energy supply and flow output.

A pump's flow and efficiency rates are directly proportional to each other. For example, the flow and efficiency rates start at zero when the discharge valve is closed. When it opens, the flow increases along with the efficiency.

Match the Operation Point and the BEP

A pump's BEP is usually determined by the manufacturer.  When choosing a pump, it is highly recommended to match the operating point as close to the BEP as possible, generally within 5%.

Aligning with the BEP is even more crucial in larger pumps. When the operating point is on the far left of the BEP, water will not flow properly. If it is on the far right, you might risk wearing out the impellers and pump cases.

The impellers are responsible for controlling the amount of energy used to pump water. They are among the most important factors when looking at your pump's BEP.

Choosing the Best Pump for Your Application

Manufacturers usually indicate their pump's BEP. Before choosing a pump, make sure that its efficiency rates suit your specific operational requirements. Refer to the online Pump Selection Software program where the efficiency lines are detailed in green.

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