Filtration and Separation Systems

Air & Dirt Separators

Automatic Air Vents

Sidestream Filtration

Sidestream filtration, as the name suggests, refers to the partial filtering of liquid in a system.

Masterflow Solutions offers high-efficiency filtration and separation systems for the protection of your HVAC equipment. Our commitment to quality, combined with years of industry experience, allow us to provide a line of top-grade products that meet your stringent requirements.

We have developed some of the advanced HVAC separation and filtration solutions on the market, which are compact in design and offer filtration that surpasses the efficiency of many traditional methods. We offer Air & Dirt Separators, Automatic Air Vents, and Side Stream filtration.

Addressing Treatment Issues

Debris and other suspended particles in cooling water tower can negatively impact the efficiency of heat transfer due to corrosion, scaling, fouling and biological activity. This reduces the heat transfer design efficiencies and increases system operating costs.

Our Separators and Filtration Solutions effectively remove suspended solids from cooling water, thus enhancing design efficiencies and increasing the lifespan of cooling towers, chillers, heat exchangers, and evaporative condensers.

The instalment and application of our high-quality HVAC separation and filtration systems will serve to ensure that your equipment is performing optimally and giving you value for money.

Masterflow Solutions have a wealth of experience in the supply and service of air separators and filtration equipment across Australia. Contact us today to discuss your filtration requirements. You may also contact our experts to know more about our products and services.