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Flushing Rigs

Flushing Rigs

To assist contractors and commissioning agents, Masterflow has developed a range of portable flushing rigs that are available to be hired out or available for purchase. These range from 8 L/S to 75 L/S, thus catering for the majority of systems

Specification Overview

Rig No.PhaseFlow (L/s)Flush Ø (mm)Inclusion
135 -8Up to 80Wheelie Bin
2310 - 20100 - 125Dosing Pot & filter sock in Y strainer
3320 - 39150 -200Dosing Pot & filter sock in Y strainer
4340 - 75250Dosing Pot & filte sock in Y strainer


  • Four models from 8 – 75 litres per second
  • Allows you to flush floor by floor
  • D castors for portability
  • Quick change of filters
Flushing Rigs


  • Single & Three phase available
  • Preserves your permanent pumps
  • Simultaneous Water Treatment
  • Flow measurement for correct velocity
Portable Flushing Rigs

All systems come with the following:

  1. VSD drive – this can be free issued if required. Masterflow electrically connect.
  2. Smaller Riggs come with flexible Hose and Camlocs for quick connection.
  3. Larger Riggs have 150 flexible reinforced rubber hose with crimped ends and Roll Groove fittings.
  4. Protection Enclosure for VSD
  5. Flexible cable with a range of plugs to suit your site connection.
  6. Oventrop balancing valve for flow measurement

We look forward to the opportunity of assisting you.

Please contact us with your requirements; we are always ready to listen.

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