Civil & Mining Range

Selwood Pumps

Frustration of pump breakdowns and lack of reliability?

Selwood has developed a range of pumps which are specifically engineered to be reliable and simple to maintain in the harshest of environments. They are precisely designed and engineered to meet the demands of our Mining, Quarry, Construction & Municipal sectors. One of Selwood’s finest attributes is the “Super Silent” range. With fully lockable acoustic canopy, fully bunded skid base and the renowned *selprime diaphragm priming system these pumpsets are the ultimate in pumping – Environmentally Friendly, Quiet, Efficient and Reliable.

*Selprime - Selwood's own designed unique patented priming system that utilises a water tolerant diaphragm air pump. This is an environmentally friendly design that has none of the oil vapour emissions and oil emulsifications associated with other priming systems.

Range & Overview

Solids Handling Pumps ‘S Pumps’ 

S100, S150, S150M, S200, S300

  • Raw and screened sewage
  • Sludge or slurry
  • Water with fine and large solids
  • Water containing rags and fibres

High Volume Drainer Pump ‘D Pumps’

D100, D150, D200

  • Water – clean with fine to large solids
  • Screened sewage

Hight Head Pump ‘H Pumps’

H80, H100, H150, HX150

  • High head dewatering
  • Pipeline testing & cleaning
  • Water boosting

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