Many boiler systems, two circuits (primary and secondary circuits) are involved in the heating and distribution processes. The two circuits play different roles and are both crucial to maintaining smooth performance and operation. However, if the primary circuit interferes with the flow of the secondary circuit, it can result in a system failure.

The solution to this problem is a hydraulic separator. Hydraulic separators are designed to prevent the flow of one circuit from interrupting the flow of another. They reduce flow velocity, easing the heating process of the system.

To streamline the heat circulation of your boiler system, the implementation of hydraulic separators aids in efficient and uninterrupted operation. The following are some of their advantages:

  1. 1.       Enhanced Performance

A boiler heats up water and transports the heat to pipe systems for industrial applications. If the boiler system constantly encounters equipment failure, it can lead to disruption of operations and downtime.

To address the problem, hydraulic separators create a zone with a decreased head loss and enable both circuits to work independently of each other. They improve your boiler’s flow resistance and overall performance.

  1. 2.       Minimal Maintenance Requirements 

Boilers are heavy-duty machines that require frequent inspections to ensure the system is in optimum condition. Without proper rigorous maintenance measures, your system could be facing costly repair and part replacements.

A hydraulic separator minimises the need for constant maintenance for boiler heaters. Its installation also prolongs the life of your boiler’s pipe systems, reducing expenditure on professional repairs.

  1. 3.       Air and Dirt Removal

Check your boiler for air and dirt. These contaminants are two of the leading causes of system breakdowns in boiler heaters. Air and dirt particles can damage system components and affect the efficiency of operation.

Use a hydraulic separator to remove air and dirt from the vessels of boilers. A separator prevents micro bubbles from forming in the system due to changes in pressure and temperature. It also discharges trapped dirt from the vessels while the boiler system is in operation. With clean water in the system, the efficiency of the boiler will be maximised.

  1. 4.       Reduced Carbon Footprint

Boiler heaters are dependable systems for the industrial sector, but with large power requirements, they can have a negative impact on the environment.

With a hydraulic separator, you can reduce emissions due to the enhanced heat transfer process. Hydraulic separators lower energy consumption, decrease chemical requirements in water treatment systems and reduce carbon content in boilers.

Optivent Separator from Masterflow Solutions

At Masterflow Solutions, we stock Optivent hydraulic separators and custom-made options for your boiler system. With our hydraulic separator, your boiler system is better positioned to perform efficiently and cost-effectively, with reduced environmental impact.  

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