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Aquastrom Balancing Valves

Aquastrom balancing valve

Aquastrom C and Aquastrom VT valves from Oventrop are for balancing hot water re-circulation systems. These products are commonly found in medium to large scale residential and commercial developments, hotels, hospitals etc as part of the potable hot water supply. Both products are now watermarked and have been installed locally across Australia.

The Aquastrom range includes valves that a plumber can easily set and adjust, and the measurement instrument is a thermometer. Other products in the market require a manometer as used in the HVAC industry to commission and prove precise flow rate management.

Aquastrom C is a manual balancing valve, and Aquastrom VT is for automated set-and-forget temperature and residual flow management.

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Aquastrom C manual balancing valve

The advantages of the Aquastrom C include:

  • One valve for five functions, pre-setting, isolating, temperature indication, system filling, draining or test point for legionella sampling
  • DN15 to DN32 female threaded, standard with insulation shell, thermometer and PN25 rating to 150°C
  • Valve body and bonnet made of bronze, disc and stem made of dezincification resistant brass, disc with PTFE seal and maintenance free double O-ring seal
  • Watermarked approved by a JAS-ANZ accredited body

Aquastrom VT automated set-and-forget temperature and residual flow management.

The Aquastrom VT also has a thermal disinfection process; when raising the boiler temperature for a short period of time to circa 65°C+ the valves open 100% and provide a thermal flush of the recirculation system. This thermal flush assists in killing off legionella spores which die swiftly at temperatures above 65°C. (For further information attend a Masterflow Aquanova technical seminar.)

The advantages of the Aquastrom VT include:

  • Automatic thermal control range between 50°C and 65°C with +/-1°C accuracy
  • Supports thermal disinfection through volume flow increase at approximately 6°C above set temperature quickly reaching riser legionella kill-off temperatures
  • Residual flow capability, with six presentable values to maintain system hydronic balance
  • Self-cleaning valve assembly, and valve made from corrosion resistant bronze material
  • Lead lockable to prevent tampering, post commissioning
  • DN15 to DN20 female threaded, standard with insulation shell thermometer and PN16 rating to 90°C
  • Watermarked approved by a JAS-ANZ accredited body

Oventrop Balancing Valves and Controls

We source our balancing valves and controls from Oventrop, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers. Oventrop manufactures a range of products for hydronic balancing and for achieving optimum water distribution in heating and cooling systems.

Cocon QTR/QFC: Pressure independent control valve

Combining a regulating valve and an automatic flow regulator, the Cocon QTR/QFC is a two-in-one fluid balancing and control solution. The valve is suitable for temperature control and dynamic hydronic balancing of HVAC systems.

Thermostatic radiator valves Series QV

These thermostatic radiator valves have a thermostatic valve and a diaphragm controlled flow regulator, making hydronic balancing easy to carry out. The valves offer numerous advantages including automatic hydronic balancing at the terminal unit and constant flow value.

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