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Manual Balancing Valves

hydrocontrol VFC and VFR valves

Hydrocontrol VFC (cast iron), Hydrocontrol VFR (bronze) and Hydrocontrol VFN (nodular cast iron) double regulating and commissioning valves from Oventrop are installed in the pipework of hot water central heating systems and cooling systems to achieve a hydronic balance between the various circuits of the system.

Hydrocontrol VFR bronze double regulating and commissioning valves may also be used for cold salt water (maximum 38°C) and domestic water.

The double regulating and commissioning valves may be installed in either the supply or the return pipe.

Download Balancing and Control Valves Brochure

When installing the valves ensure the flow direction conforms to the arrow on the valve body and the valve is installed with a minimum of L = 3 x nominal pipe diameter of straight pipe at the valve inlet and of L = 2 x nominal pipe diameter of straight pipe at the valve outlet.


  • The functional components are located in one plane allowing simple assembly and easy operation
  • One valve for 5 functions: presetting, measuring, isolating, filling (with accessory), draining (with accessory)
  • Low pressure loss (oblique pattern)
  • Infinitely adjustable presetting that can be read in any position due to the moveable display. Pressure loss and flow are measured exactly using the pressure test points
  • Fill and drain ball valve with internal stop and pressure test point with O-ring seal between valve body and test point (no additional seals required)
  • Patented measuring channel leads around the stem assembly to the test points ensuring the accuracy between the differential pressure measured at the pressure test point and the actual differential pressure of the valve

The balance is achieved by a presetting with memory lock.

The calculated flow rate or pressure loss for each individual pipe can be preset centrally and regulated precisely.

The required values of presetting can be obtained from the flow charts. All intermediate values are infinitely adjustable.

The selected presetting can be read off two scales: basic setting longitudinal scale and fine setting peripheral scale.

The presetting is reproducible by opening the valve until stop.

The flow charts are valid for the installation of the double regulating and commissioning valve in the supply or the return pipe provided the direction of flow conforms to the arrow on the valve body.

The Oventrop double regulating and commissioning valves have two threaded ports that are equipped with the pressure test points for measuring the differential pressure.

Transport and storage

  • Protect against external forces (eg impacts, vibrations etc)
  • External components such as hand wheels, pressure test points and actuators must not be misused for the absorption of external forces, eg as connection point for lever tools etc
  • Suitable transport and lifting devices are to be used
  • Storage temperature –20°C up to +60°C
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