Automatic Air Vents

  1. After the initial venting of a system through AAV’s, manual venting of Radiators, Fan Coils, etc., a Optivent Deaerator will rapidly remove all air pockets and achieve a deep level of Deaeration to allow Commissioning to proceed without the usual problems of unrepeatable readings on Balancing Valves and the like.
  2. All water borne noise created by air in the system is eliminated.
  3. No more “call out” for bleeding of radiators, fan coils, etc.
  4. Heat transfer rate in Heat Exchangers is increased because of reduced air content in the water with “fouling” a thing of the past.
  5. Optimum heat emitter and heat absorber output is achieved.
  6. Dirt (Sludge/Magnetite) will not form because all air (including oxygen) is removed.
  7. The Pump Seals will last for an extended period as the circulating water is totally air and dirt free, a pure liquid.
  8. The system will last 30 years, so on Boiler or Chiller replacement [for technical reasons such as increased efficiency] only the Boiler or Chiller need replacing.
  9. If part of the system is removed for whatever purpose, the fresh replacement water will not cause any corrosion as the Deaerator will deaerate the system automatically after manual venting of the new addition to the system.
  10. Old dirty systems can be cleaned up using “flocculants” in conjunction with the Dirt Separator, or simply circulate through the Dirt Separator before opening up to a new Boiler or Chiller.
  11. The leak proof Optivent Vent cap on all deaeration products is hand assembled and 100% tested.
  12. 3 year guarantee.

Virtually any single one of the above benefits will save far more than the Capital Expenditure, and savings will continue for the life of the system installation, proving that the application of a Optivent product is value for money.

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