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Buffer Tanks

Buffer vessels with capacities ranging from 100 Litres to 100,000 Litres

Aquazone buffer vessels are designed for chilled water systems with insufficient water volume capacity. These systems require additional ‘buffer’ capacity to prevent problems, such as excessive compressor cycling, poor temperature control and erratic system operation. By incorporating a buffer tank to the system, it creates extra volume and provides additional ‘buffer’ capacity, eliminating rapid cycling of the chillers and other issues.

Masterflow Solutions offers Aquazone buffer tanks, designed to AS 1210 Unfired Pressure Vessels, Hazard Level E, and made to suit your specific requirements. Contact our trusted buffer tank suppliers to discuss your needs.

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Configuration & Orientation

Aquazone tanks are available as a standard design in the vertical orientation. Sizes range from 300 to 10,000 litres. The smallest tanks are 570cm in diameter and 1250cm tall, while the biggest tank is 1,700cm in diameter by 4600cm.
Sizes 4,000 litres and larger are also available in the horizontal orientation. Each orientation is available with various inlet/outlet configurations depending on the quantity and position of the inlets and outlets.

Thermal Storage Tanks

Aquazone’s buffer storage tanks can also be used as a thermal energy storage tank. They can be supplied with sparge pipes to achieve optimal circulation of water stored within the tank. This results in thermal stratification, which, together with proper insulation, provides effective thermal energy storage tanks in chilled and heating water applications. Used efficiently, they deliver energy cost savings. Let us know your requirements and we can alter the tank’s dimensions and connections to your specification.


If you need a custom-made solution, Masterflow is at your service. Aquazone tanks come with standard accessories and can be provided with extras when required.

Standard accessories include:

  • Isolating valves for vent and drain nozzles
  • Pipe pieces for drain extension
  • Relief valve-pre-set

Optional accessories include:

  • Sparge pipes
  • Connectors for inlet and outlet
  • Air release valve
  • Level gauges and alarms
  • Pressure gauges and/or temperature probes
  • Provision for cathodic protection

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