Air & Dirt Separators

Optivent Air and Dirt Separators

As we know from Henry’s Law, the amount of gas that dissolves in a system is directly proportional to the system pressure/temperature. When the pressure/temperature changes, the gas will bubble out in the form of micro bubbles. This means that even after all the air has been bled out of the system, your work is not yet done.

Masterflow Solutions offerair and dirt separators for heating and cooling systems to ensure the optimal performance of the equipment at all times. If you need a custom-made solution, we can help.

Automatic Removal of Air & Dirt in Heating, Cooling & Process Systems

The installation of an Optivent ensures the continual removal of air from the system so that the equipment is performing at its optimum performance all the time. If the release of air in the form of micro bubbles can happen anytime, then a deaerator should be a permanent fixture in the system like any other major piece of equipment.

These hydraulic separators (air and dirt separators) are manufactured to suit standard 1.5m/s velocity or high 3m/s velocity (greater height than the standard equivalent). Then you can either get sealed version or demountable, where you can unbolt the bottom and pull out the internals.

Masterflow’s range of Optivent Hydraulic Separators are effective units that allow fast and efficient separation of primary and secondary circuits for different boilers or heaters. The unit creates a zone with low head loss, which enables the primary and secondary circuits connected to it to be hydraulically independent of each other. Optivent Hydraulic Separator offer the additional advantages of assisting in the continual removal of air and dirt particles so that the equipment is performing at its optimum performance all the time.


  • Any open or closed loop system, from:

    • Chilled Water
    • Condenser Water
    • Heating Water
    • Process Water
    • Cogeneration



  • Greatly reduced commissioning times after initial fill
  • Longer system life (through air and dirt elimination)
  • Low pressure drop
  • Bi-directional flow
  • Max temperature 110°C
  • Max working pressure 10 bar
  • Tested to 21 bar
  • Standard carbon steel shell (stainless on request)
  • Air collects in the air chamber before being automatically vented
  • Floating dirt can be removed by opening the valve situated on the side of the unit
  • The same valve is used for releasing air when filling the system
  • Large collector ensures that flushing is only required periodically
  • Can be flushed while fully operational (no need to shut down)
  • An internal stainless steel concentrator to aid removal of air and dirt.


  • Separate the primary and secondary circuit to avoid interference to the pump installed.
  • Removes air from the system automatically.
  • Separates and collects dirt from the system.
  • Large space to collect dirt with low drain request.
  • Long Life and strong body material.
  • Ideal Hydraulic balance and mixing.
  • Optimum separation of air and micro bubbles with low pressure drop.
  • Special design automatic air vent with no leakage and no plugging due to dirt.


Optivent hydraulic separators carry a wide range ofeconomic and environmental advantages that benefit owners, consultants, contractors and the environment.


  • Energy savings – With continual removal of dissolved gasses, the primary equipment achieves the same result with less power consumption.
  • Maintenance – Once installed, the filter does not require ongoing maintenance, which translates to reduced labour costs.
  • Longer pipework life leading to less capital expenditure
  • Return on investment – Higher efficiency means long-term savings


  • Less energy means fewer emissions
  • Reduced carbon content
  • Fewer chemicals in your water treatment system
  • Improved heat transfer leads to lower chiller running costs, reducing the emissions to the atmosphere

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