Horizontal Split Case Pumps

Horizontal split case pumps have a long standing reputation for reliability, longevity, and optimum efficiencies, particularly in systems that are outside the performance range of Back pull out centrifugal pumps. Their design allows for the easy servicing of the moving parts without disruption to pipework. Other advantages of their compact design include minimal installation footprint, high head pressure ratings and various material constructions for different applications.

This range has been conceived as the next generation of split case pumps for the expanding building services market in South-East Asia. Pumps have been designed for 20-40 bar pressure, double volute construction with sealed-for-life bearings and balanced mechanical seals. Pumps largely use proven existing hydraulics.


  • Water supply and pressure boosting:

    Pressure boosting in buildings, hotels, residential complexes, pressure booster stations, supply of water networks, pressure boosting for industrial water supply.

  • Heating, Ventialation and Air-Conditioning:

    Boilers, Induction heating, Heat exchangers, Refrigerators, Cooling towers and systems, Temperature control systems.

  • Irrigation and Agriculture:

    Greenhouses, Sprinkler irrigation, Field irrigation (flooding).

  • Utilities

    Water works, water treatment, irrigation and drainage etc

  • Steel Mills

    Service water, roll cooling, strip cooling, blast furnace cooling, cooling tower etc.

  • Pulp & Paper

    Fan pumps, white water, raw water, primary cleaner etc.


Design Features

Low NPSHR – ensures high suction lift capability and protects the pump from cavitation erosion without compromising efficiency or smooth operation at part flows.

  • Non-overloading Power Characteristics

    Keeps the motor rating low

  • Easy Access

    With the top half casing removed  the complete rotating assembly can be withdrawn  by the simple removal of the four bearing housing ‘top clamp’ bolts, no need to dismantle bearings.

  • Straightforward Piping

    pipe layout made easy with suction and discharge flanges on the same centreline.

  • Case Wear Rings

    Fitted as standard, simple heavy rectangular cross section with Monel pins to prevent rotation. Impeller wear rings are  optional on all models.

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