Long Coupled Pumps

A range of general purpose centrifugal pumps designed and built for long service and low maintenance

The Baker SW series is a range of general purpose centrifugal pumps, designed and built for long service and low maintenance in a wide range of ‘clear liquid’ applications. Our long-coupled pumps boast the economy, reliability and the convenience of being designed and manufactured to one of the world’s most widely accepted pump standards, DIN 24255/EN733.

Baker have reduced the number of pump sizes required to cover a broad performance range, making selection easier and reducing the spare inventory required for multiple pump installations.

Standard construction features rugged Back Pull Out design which includes integral cast iron volute casing (foot mounted) and bearing frame, cast iron or bronze impellers, high quality stainless shaft and sleeve with mechanical seals (packed gland on request).


  • Air Conditioning
  • Fire Fighting
  • Irrigation
  • Mining
  • General Industry
  • Commercial or Domestic Plumbing


Baker-Flow Design Features

Operating Temperatures

  • With standard packed gland -10oC to 105oC.
  • Maximum with cooled stuffing box -160oC.
  • With mechanical seal maximum depends on seal used.

Operating Pressure

  • Maximum operating pressure 1600kPa
  • Maximum test pressure up to 2100kPa.

(Maximum pressures will vary depending on particular pump model - high ratings available on application).

Maximum Speed

Maximum direct coupled speed for BAKER pumps varies between 3600 RPM and 1800 RPM, depending upon pump size.

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