Sidestream Filtration

What is Sidestream Filtration?

Sidestream filtration, as the name suggests, refers to the partial filtering of liquid in a system. In cooling water systems, sidestream filtration is generally sized on 5-10% of the total cooling tower water flow rate.

Side stream filtration can benefit your cooling system through:

  • Reduced corrosion, fouling, scaling, microbiological growth rates

    Partial filtration of the cooling system’s flow significantly improves water quality.

  • Enhanced system efficiency

    Reduced rates of corrosion and other treatment concerns optimises system performance.

  • Extended equipment life

    Better efficacy, longer lifespan.

  • Reduced maintenance costs

    Side-stream filtration allows cooling systems to provide longer periods of nonstop operation before they are taken offline for required maintenance.

  • Reduced energy costs

    Fouling and scaling can reduce the rate of heat exchange. Since side stream filtration reduces fouling and scaling, the cooling system now requires less effort to achieve the required cooling.

  • Better chemical control

    A side stream filtration can remove the suspended particles, minimising the need for chemical treatment, such as biocides and dispersants.

    Masterflow Solutions has developed the most advanced sidestream filtration for cooling towers on the market. This package is compact in design and provides an effective filtration that surpasses the traditional methods used in the past.


Outstanding Features:

  • Fully hydraulic and self-cleaning
  • Dry-run protection
  • Uses minimal water during backwash, backwashing on pressure differential
  • The suction scanner innovatively uses filtered water to produce a reverse flow regime for highly effective debris removal from screen.
  • Materials of construction are thermo-plastic, stainless steel and PVC rendering as corrosion free as possible
  • Volt free contacts for BMS
  • Compact design
  • Already mounted on its own free standing skid
  • Minimal amount of water used for backflushing compared to sand or cyclone filters
  • Eductor system essential for basin cleanliness
  • No media (sand) and therefore no haven for the buildup or breeding of bacteria

How to specify:

Provide a packaged screen type side stream filtration system, Masterflow Model CTFP-3-A2-13 for the periodic filtering of cooling tower water, and comprising of the following equipment, (as supplied by Masterflow Solutions - Phone: [02] 9748 2022).

  • BAKER-BLOC motor pump in CI/BR/SS or SS/SS/SS construction capable of delivering a minimum of 7% of the total cooling tower flow rate
  • Fully automatic self-cleaning, hydraulic operated screen filter using pressure differential as the motive for self-cleaning. Alternative filter types will not be accepted
  • Eductor nozzles for basin ‘sweeping’ (supplied loose)
  • Inlet, outlet and drain flanges conveniently located for ease of installation.
  • Pipework is PVC, Class 12.
  • System operates on 3 phase, 415V, 50 Hertz.
  • Control panel mounted on base with pump and micro-switch wafer check valve pre-wired.

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