Spring & Pad Mounts

Spring Pad Mounts

Spring and pad mounts are ideal for equipment where a high degree of isolation is required, restricting excessive motion in any direction and also reducing the impact of earth tremors in seismic locations.


An integrated, stand-alone six direction restrained spring mounting with cup located spring and internal adjustment. CSM mountings are rated to the static force restraint requirements of:

  • AS 1170.4 for application up to maximum equipment loads in all Australian seismic zones
  • NZS 4219 for application with reduced equipment load range in New Zealand



  • Heavy duty stable steel spring
  • Acoustically isolating location cup
  • Single fully adjustable central vertical restraint and levelling bolt
  • Alternative equipment mounting positions
  • Restraint assembly can be retro-fitted (see Installation)
  • Replaceable shock-absorbing rubber snubbers

Restraint Capacity

Restraint capacity is given as a maximum static force. The following can be applied simultaneously in one lateral direction and vertically up or down:

Vertical: 2.0kN

Lateral: 1.0kN

At maximum restraint loads, the displacement from normal operating position is approximately 10mm.

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