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Balancing and Control Valves

Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of HVAC chiller and boiler systems

Control and balancing valves in an HVAC system are key to its effectiveness and efficiency. The valves regulate the flow of liquids in the system and create a consistent output pressure from an inconsistent input pressure.

When energy is not properly transferred to a boiler’s heating coils, the water temperature won’t be sufficient to allow the boiler to condense. Our range of control and balancing valves reduce flow rate to minimise the equipment needed to heat or cool water. In large residential, commercial and industrial locations, the balancing valve enables HVAC chillers and boilers to supply the correct amount of hot and cool air to each part of the building.

Control and balancing valves make HVAC installation and commissioning simpler. They also reduce operational costs with the entire system working optimally with the right flow to each coil.

Flypass Connectors
Aquastrom Balancing Valve
Manual Balancing Valves

Valves for Temperature Control and Hydronic Balancing

All HVAC installations need to meet two fundamental objectives. First, they must deliver the required comfort level in every room of a commercial or industrial building. Second, they have to meet the first goal using the minimum amount of energy, maximising system efficiency and minimising operational costs.

One way to hit those goals is to ensure water temperature control and hydronic balancing. These should also be evaluated when upgrading systems or addressing end-user complaints and high energy costs.

Here’s the solution: balancing valves. These valves can help control water temperature, pressure and flow in HVAC systems to ensure they supply sufficient hot and cooling air to each room of the building.

  • Pressure-Independent Balancing and Control Valves (PICV)

These valves are designed to deliver both hydronic balancing and temperature control functionalities. They are ideal for HVAC systems with variable flow conditions.

  • Automatic Balancing Valves

These valves automatically eliminate pressure fluctuations that usually occur in systems with variable flow conditions.

  • Manual Balancing Valves

Manual balancing valves are ideal for systems with a constant flow. They need, however, to be commissioned to establish or set the design flow.

Whether you need manual or automatic valves or PICV to control temperature and maintain a balanced hydronic system, you can count on Masterflow Solutions. We supply a range of balancing and other types of valves to the HVAC industry, keeping systems efficient and minimising energy waste.

Masterflow range of valves falls into two distinct categories:

  • Oventrop balancing valves

We source our manual and automatic hydronic balancing valves, as well as PICVs from Oventrop, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of valves and controls for the heating and cooling industry. Oventrop valves control various HVAC challenges, including insufficient or fluctuating room temperature, high energy consumption, extreme noise flow, overheating and more.

  • General purpose industrial valves and suction diffusers

Suction diffusers are flow-straightening fittings for commercial and industrial HVAC systems. They improve flow conditions and maintain pump efficiency, which reduce energy waste as well. Our company also carries a wide selection of control valves suitable for multiple applications in many industries, including the HVAC industry in Australia.

We Also Offer Expansion Vessels and Pressurisation Packages

Coupled with the Aquaflex expansion vessels, Masterflow also manufactures pressurisation packages (automatic refill units and chemical dosing pots) for the automatic refilling of make-up water in closed-loop systems.

As the water heats up in an HVAC system, it expands. In an open type system, the expanded water goes to the system’s built-in expansion tank. But that isn’t possible for closed-loop systems.

With no expansion tank to accommodate the extra volume of water during heating or cooling cycle, closed type systems require an expansion vessel. At Masterflow Solutions, we offer Aquaflex expansion vessels and manufactures pressurisation packages that allow a closed-loop system to take in expanded water without exceeding the pressure limits of any component in the system. The packages also allow automatic make-up water refill, which is necessary to maintain the condenser water volume.

Why Choose Masterflow?

Masterflow’s premium-grade products are supplied throughout Australia through our extensive nationwide service network. We also have the capability to supply our products and share our expertise with industrial and commercial businesses in New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and the UAE.

Our products are sourced from some of the most recognisable names in the industry and comply with Australian and New Zealand standards for your complete peace of mind.

Apart from our quality products, we have a team of industry experts who are available to accommodate your engineering and installation concerns. Serving Australia’s toughest industries since 1998, we have more than two decades of extensive expertise.

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